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Concrete Placement Services in Waterloo

Lions Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc is now focusing on concrete flat work for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Due to high interest, we have extended our services to now include not only the concrete cutting scope of work, but also the excavation of your project, as well as the pouring of new concrete. This allows us to complete multiple scopes of work which will help your project run smoother as less sub-contractors will be involved.

On the industrial and commercial side, we will pour interior and exterior concrete pads, as well as interior trenching that has been previously cut and removed for plumbing. On the residential side, we provide concrete pouring and placement that includes power trowel and broom finishes for projects such as:

Concrete garage floors

Concrete driveways

Concrete basement floors/plumbing trench re-pouring

Concrete backyard patios

Concrete pool decks

Concrete sidewalks

Concrete pads for sheds

If you are in need of concrete placement or would simply like a quote for an upcoming job, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Concrete garage floors
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