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Concrete Coring Services in Waterloo

Coring involves using specifically designed core drills with diamond tipped bits to achieve rounded cuts through walls or floors. Holes drilled vary in diameter but essentially any size or depth can be accomplished with the use of the right core drill and bit.

The exact sizes needed are up to our customers to decide but we are more than willing to assist in any way possible when it comes to determining the right size for you. Our core drills have designated water ways that allow for dust levels to be kept low, which leads to a cleaner work environment.

If you are in need of coring, or would simply like a quote on an upcoming job, please don’t hesitate to email or give us a call!

concrete coring
concrete coring

Wall  Sawing

We are highly experienced in wall sawing.


Hand Sawing

We are highly experienced in hand sawing.

floor sawing

Floor Sawing

We use our 40 horsepower electric floor saw to cut the floor as you direct.


Need scanning?

We can assist with that!

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