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Concrete Wall Sawing in Kitchener

Wall sawing involves placing one of our diamond tipped saw blades securely to our electric Hilti wall saw unit that is then placed on a track that has been securely fastened to the wall by the use of anchors.

The tracks can be fastened both horizontally or vertically which allows for various sized openings to be attained. Because of the excellent accuracy of the unit, our customers can expect a level, precise, and professional finish no matter what sort of wall sawing is required. The flush cut function allows us to cut flush against an existing wall or floor which is essential to use when precise cuts are needed against a nearby wall or pre-existing floor. We also have a variety of blades that are used for different depths so that we can assist you with all your cutting needs.

Because safety is our priority, our wall saw is operated by professionals who always maintain a safe distance while using the remote control with cut-assist function.


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hand sawing

Hand Sawing

We are highly experienced in hand sawing.

floor sawing

Floor Sawing

We use our 40 horsepower electric floor saw to cut the floor as you direct.


Concrete Coring

With varying sizes of bits, we can core any size hole that you need.

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