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Hand Concrete Sawing in Waterloo

Hand Sawing Service

Hand sawing, while very similar to wall sawing, involves the use of handheld saws that are equipped with diamond tipped blades. Each saw has different cutting depths but can fit in tighter spots which allow us to make the same precise and accurate cuts in areas where space is limited.

There are many benefits to using these handsaws including the ease of use, portability, and ability to touch up spots that were too tight for our wall saw. These saws will also often be used to ensure that no over-cuts occur. A water hose attachment is included with all our hand sawing equipment to keep the dust levels low, allowing for a much cleaner work environment.

Often times, these saws are used for enlarging or for the creation of new egress windows that are to code for basement apartments. In order for us to stay on schedule throughout our day, we ask that the area around the window is excavated prior to the arrival of our crew.

Window Excavation Requirements

To safely and properly make our cuts for egress window openings, we need a certain amount of space excavated away from the window. No matter what size window is going in, we request a total of 40” minimum to be excavated away from the foundation wall. From the bottom line (where the window will eventually sit) we need a minimum 10” below that line excavated as well. Lastly, for both side vertical cuts that will be performed (right and left side of the new window opening) we need 10” excavated on each side. By having these spacing requests fulfilled, we can ensure the end product will be to your satisfaction.

If you need hand sawing, or would simply like a quote for an upcoming job, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!


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Wall Sawing

We are highly experienced in wall sawing.


Floor Sawing

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Concrete Coring

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